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Homework #1: Reading Response + Design Etude + ChucK Exercise

  • due date: Tuesday (10/3) 11:59pm

Part 1: Reading Response

  • Reading response to Artful Design Chapter 1 (see guidelines | check out sample response boilerplate)
  • Design Etude #1 (see online PDF OR AD Chapter 1 pg. 54)
  • NB think as broadly as possible about your examples of "artful design"! they can be objects, but also experiences, organizations, policies, interactions...anything you would consider to be designed!

Part 2: Programming

  • Create a ChucK program that makes sound!
  • link this from your reading response webpage.

Part 3: Creating your 256a/476a CCRMA webpage


  • upload to Canvas:
    • the URL to your reading response
    • a PDF file of your response
    • your ChucK file(s)
  • come prepared to present and discuss your work in class