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Homework #0: Computational Aesthetics

Due date: 2018.1.15 11:59:59pm, Monday.

Musical Statement (part 1 of 2): ChucKu's

  • construct two chucku's, according to the following specifications:
    • like a haiku, a chucku should contain exactly 3 lines of code (each less than 80 characters)
    • each chucku should generate sound
    • 5/7/5 pattern optional, but try to make the code "pretty"
    • check out one line chuck crazy to see similarly compact examples
    • the chucku's should be standalone (i.e., no external audio or chuck files)
    • (thanks to Chris + kijjaz for the idea)

  • design and create, using ChucK, your own sound logo
    • 15-30 seconds in duration
    • figure out what you are designing the logo for?
      • CCRMA?
      • yourself?
      • an organization you belong to?
      •  ???
  • have a narrative (e.g., beginning, middle, end)!
  • make it interesting!
  • experiment with have MANY INSTANCES (e.g., like saw voices in the THX Deep Note) that are both independently controlled but also obey an overall plan!
  • have fun with it!!!


turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/220b/hw0/ directory AND to Canvas

  • 1) a separate .ck file for each chucku
  • 2) your .ck file(s) for your sound logo
  • 3) an audio recording of your sound logo (hw0.wav)
  • 4) a short README text (readme.txt) file that:
    • conveys your ideas/comments in constructing each program
    • contains instructions on running your programs
    • describes any difficulties you encountered in the process