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Homework #2: Generative Soundscape


Compose a short piece using

  • at least 2 items from the category 1,


  • both approaches in the category 2.

Note that the techniques in category 2 should be used to control patterns and structures of music, not simply pitch or timbre (as if it were an instrument).

category 1:

  • voice
  • illusion
  • pitch
  • timbre

category 2:

  • interactive control (integrating devices such as game controller, wii remote, microphone, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  • generative synthesis (integrating algorithms to generate/modify the structures of sounds)

Due date: 2013.2.21 11:59:59pm (or thereabout), Monday.


Not all of these are directly relevant, but may serve as basic building blocks...


As usual, turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/220b/hw3/ directory and email the link to Takako, Rob, and Spencer.

  • 1) create a hw3/ directory, and put all the stuff below in there:
  • 2) index.html should go into the hw3/ directory
  • 3) all related source/sound files (.wav/.ck) NOTE: You must turn in a .wav file showcasing a performance on your system.
  • 4) a short README text (readme.txt) file that:
    • specifies instructions on running your programs
    • describes your process/adventure, and perhaps the ideas (technical/aesthetic) behind the composition
    • gives credit, if needed, for the sounds you are using
    • describe any difficulties you encountered in the process
  • 5) email Takako, Rob, and Spencer

Have fun with it!