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Chuck Code

  • Chant.ck by Perry Cook, Look specifically at the last function called ramp_stuff(); :)
  • hw4-changed_mb.ck the code that resulted from my office hours October 25 regarding homework #4.
  • MORE CODE (pitch tracking, envelope following, osc) ~ Some of the things we discussed at my office hours Nov. 15.
  • S.M.E.L.T.!!!!! code for user interface with chuck (VERY USEFUL!) code is halfway down the page.
  • MAUI MiniAudicle User Interfaces


  FileIO TextFile;
  17 => int foo;   
  // open for write
  TextFile.open ("Results.txt", FileIO.APPEND);
  if (!TextFile.good())
   	   <<< "--- Can't open Results.txt for writing...", "" >>>;
  // write some stuff
  TextFile.write( "Here is some stuff:" + foo + "." + "\n" ); // \n does a carriage return