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Homework #4: "Welcome to CCRMA"

In this assignment, you are to produce/compose/sonify a short and polished "welcome to ccrma" message, potentially to be used at concerts and other CCRMA events!

The Message

"Welcome to CCRMA: the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University, where we push the boundaries of what's possible with computer-mediated audio. Here at CCRMA, you will find new sounds that the world has never before heard, novel interfaces for musical expression, ensembles of humans making use of technology, and new paradigms for interacting with the world through sound and music. Welcome to CCRMA."


The Specification

What to do:

  • 0) tools: ChucK, Audacity, optionally also Pd
  • 1) take the given text, transform it, and create a musical/sonic rendering of it (feel free to make small adjustments to the text, as needed)
  • 2) create two versions: a stereo version, and a 8-channel version (for the Stage or Listening Room)
  • 3) your parameters
  • roughly 30-50 seconds
  • text can be spoken/recorded, or synthesized somehow
  • multi-channel (2-channel version + 8-channel version)
  • should be polished
  • introduce a sense of space
  • inject personality | use your imagination to make this sonically compelling!

The Deliverables

As usual, turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/220a/ directory.

  • 1) hw4.wav should go into the 220a directory
  • 2) create a hw4/ directory, and put all the stuff below in there:
  • 3) all related source/sound files (.wav/.ck) -- note: turn in both the 2-channel and 8-channel version, use the 2-channel version as hw4.wav
  • 4) a short README text (readme.txt) file that:
    • specifies instructions on running your programs
    • describes your process/adventure, and perhaps the ideas (technical/aesthetic) behind the composition
    • gives credit, if needed, for the sounds you are using
    • describe any difficulties you encountered in the process