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Workshop: Building New Musical Instruments with Machine Learning

Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink | Sign Up

Who Is Invited:

Anyone! Especially if you are interested in building new instruments. No prior machine learning expertise or particular programming expertise / experience with specific music technologies are needed.

What We’ll Do:

This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to building new musical instruments with machine learning. We’ll explore how classification, regression, and temporal modeling can be used to create musical interactions, and we’ll build musical instruments out of a variety of input devices and sensors, connecting them to control over your favourite sound synthesis environment (e.g., ChucK, Max, PD, SuperCollider, …) You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how machine learning can be used in interaction design, and of how different approaches to instrument design and mapping influence the type of instruments and music you’re able to make.

To Prepare:

Please download the latest version of Wekinator at http://www.wekinator.org/downloads/, install it, and make sure it runs (if it doesn’t, you may have to download Java). Take a look through examples of some of the programs and devices you can connect to wekinator at http://www.wekinator.org/examples/, and feel free to download ones that look interesting. And if you prefer to use a music/audio environment not mentioned above (i.e., something other than ChucK, Max/MSP, PD, SuperCollider, send Rebecca an email at r.fiebrink@gold.ac.uk so she can make sure she brings some compatible examples for you, if possible.)

What to Bring:

Bring your laptop and any input devices you’re interested in turning into instruments: e.g., Arduino with some sensors, Myo, smartphone, GameTrak, Leap Motion, micro:bit, WiiMote, or other things from http://www.wekinator.org/examples/ If you don’t have any of this stuff, don’t worry! We’ll provide some gear, and you can also build things that use your laptop webcam or microphone a sensor.

Feel free to email Rebecca (or Ge Wang) in advance if you have any questions about what to bring!

Sign Up

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