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Project #1: Create A New SLOrk Instrument ("Small Sound Sketch")

Due dates:

  • 2018.4.11 in class: instrument presentation +1-2 minute live mini-performance.


In this project, you are to create a laptop orchestra instrument for a single hemispherical speaker array.

CCRMA Listening Room

  • Only place in the world where you can work directly with an actual slorkstation for this assignment
  • Knoll room 128, first floor, past the Recording Studio
  • Your SUID should work as a keycard (or talk to Nette or Matt)
  • Reserve specific times at http://ccrma.stanford.edu/rooms (4th column)
  • Primarily a spatial sound research lab (like the Stage; note all the surround speakers we won't be using)
  • SLOrk has limited permission to leave stations set up for development/composition/rehearsal as long as we fully tidy up afterwards
  • When you are done, leave all SLOrkstations (and other SLOrk equipment) neatly and compactly against the walls opposite the door (not in the sweet spot as shown above!)


  • design and create a new instrument for laptop and a single hemispherical speaker array!
  • use ChucK to create/implement the instrument
  • should take advantage of the multi-channel aspect (or have a good reason to not do that)
  • consider issues of playability, expressiveness, embodiment of sound, and also use in an ensemble setting
  • craft a short musical statement (1-2 minutes) for your instrument, describe/score it, and perform it in class
  • each person should turn in their own instrument/performance - however, working together is highly encouraged!
  • feel free to use any combination of keyboard, mouse/trackpad, gametrak, joystick, and any other input device (instructors can help acquire trigger pads, MIDI knobs, etc...)


  • ChucK audio programming language (download this!)
  • S.M.E.L.T. toolkit for mapping keyboard, mouse, joystick to sound
  • come to the tutorial on ChucK and S.M.E.L.T. on Friday (4/6) at 4pm, CCRMA ballroom.
  • feel free to start experimenting and prototyping on your own, but you'll want to get into the listening room and work with an actual hemi speakers
  • two full station will be set up in the CCRMA Listening Room.