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Overview: Spring Concert: polish

This assignment asks you to polish your group's piece for the Spring Concert. Upon completion of this assignment, your piece should be Spring-Concert-ready; all subsequent changes made to your piece after this assignment should ideally be minor tweaks related to adapting to the Bing Concert Hall space.

  • Polish your piece to strengthen its sound designs, interaction designs, and compositional trajectory.
  • The piece must be 100% *complete* with all details in place (although it will inevitably continue to evolve until the concert).
  • Make sure you can setup, run, and rehearse the piece smoothly.
  • Create/ update a README file in your group svn folder so that performers will know exactly what to do.

SVN (due May 28)

  • Commit latest code in svn in preparation for the in-class performance.

Due date: May 28 (Tue) 23:59

In-class Performance (due May 29)

  • Each group will be given about 30-40 minutes (including setup, rehearsal, and feedback).

Due date: May 29 (Wed)