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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 1234]
oCRtAudio::DeviceInfoThe public device information structure for returning queried values
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
|oCRtMidiErrorException handling class for RtMidi
|\Cstd::runtime_errorSTL class
oCstk::Skini::MessageA message structure to store and pass parsed SKINI messages
oCRtAudioRealtime audio i/o C++ classes
oCRtMidiAn abstract base class for realtime MIDI input/output
|oCRtMidiInA realtime MIDI input class
|\CRtMidiOutA realtime MIDI output class
oCstk::StkSTK base class
|oCstk::EffectSTK abstract effects parent class
|oCstk::FileReadSTK audio file input class
|oCstk::FileWriteSTK audio file output class
|oCstk::FilterSTK abstract filter class
|oCstk::FunctionSTK abstract function parent class
|oCstk::GeneratorSTK abstract unit generator parent class
|oCstk::GuitarSTK guitar model class
|oCstk::InstrmntSTK instrument abstract base class
|oCstk::MessagerSTK input control message parser
|oCstk::MidiFileInA standard MIDI file reading/parsing class
|oCstk::MutexSTK mutex class
|oCstk::PhonemesSTK phonemes table
|oCstk::SkiniSTK SKINI parsing class
|oCstk::SocketSTK internet socket abstract base class
|oCstk::SphereSTK sphere class
|oCstk::ThreadSTK thread class
|oCstk::TwangSTK enhanced plucked string class
|oCstk::Vector3DSTK 3D vector class
|oCstk::VoicerSTK voice manager class
|oCstk::WvInSTK audio input abstract base class
|\Cstk::WvOutSTK audio output abstract base class
oCstk::StkErrorSTK error handling class
oCstk::StkFramesAn STK class to handle vectorized audio data
oCRtAudio::StreamOptionsThe structure for specifying stream options
\CRtAudio::StreamParametersThe structure for specifying input or ouput stream parameters

The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK)
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