JackTrip for Windows

Instructions for installing ASIO4ALL, Jack, and JackTrip

Installing ASIO4ALL

ASIO4ALL is an audio driver that makes it easy to use Jack on Windows. Install this before installing Jack.
  1. Download ASIO4ALL here
  2. Install ASIO4ALL

Installing Jack

Sine JackTrip works with Jack, it is important that you download and install Jack before you install JackTrip.

  1. Download Jack for Windows here
  2. Follow the directions in the Jack installer

Installing JackTrip

  1. Download the Windows installer executable
  2. Double click on the installer
  3. Try using the default settings in the installer

Instructions for running Jack and JackTrip

Running Jack

  1. In Windows Settings > Power and Sleep > Related Settings - Additional power settings, select High Performance and then search for "sound" to reach the menu for Sound : Sounds. Select Sounds: None. Click OK.

  2. Select Jack Control from the program menu

    Jack Program Menu

  3. Click the Setup button

    Jack Setup Button

  4. In the Jack Setup window, select portaudio for the driver and ASIO::ASIO4ALL v2 for the Interface.

    Jack Setup Button

    Other important settings here are Frames/Period and Sample Rate. Note that I have Frames/Period at 512 and Sample Rate at 48000 but other values will also work e.g., 256 or 128 Frames/Period and other sample rates supported by the attached soundcard like 44100. These values will be used by JackTrip as shown below.

  5. Click the Start button to start Jack

    Jack Start Button

    When Jack is started, you should see an indicator for ASIO4ALL:

    ASIO4ALL Started

  6. Once Jack is running, it should look like this:

    Jack Started

  7. If you are using an external audio interface, you may need to select it in ASIO4ALL for it to work properly. To do this Jack must be running. There should be a green arrow icon in the Windows notification area. To see it you may need to click the "up" button on the left side of the notification area to show hidden icons:

    Windows Notification Area

    When the hidden icons are showing, you should see the green arrow icon for ASIO4ALL. Select it:

    ASIO4ALL Select

    You should now see the ASIO4ALL program window:

    ASIO4ALL Window

    ASIO4ALL should list your built-in audio interface and your external audio interface. In my case, I am using an M-Audio M-Track Plus external interface, shown in the image above. Select the little "power" button next to the external interface to use it and close the ASIO4ALL window. Now restart Jack for the change to take effect. When you open the ASIO4ALL window, the external card should have a little triangle next to it to show that it is currently in use.

Running JackTrip

In order for JackTrip to run properly, Jack must be running according to the instructions above. Note that JackTrip is a command line program and must be run from a command prompt.
  1. To open a command prompt, depending on the version of Windows you are running, you can hold the Windows button and type "x" to produce a menu where you select Windows PowerShell or you can right click on the start menu and select Command Prompt.

    Run a Command Prompt

    The Command Prompt window looks like this:

    The Command Prompt Window

  2. If the command prompt does not start in the C: drive, type c:. Once you are using the C: drive, change the directory of the command prompt by typing cd JackTrip. Note: JackTrip must be run from its installation directory.

    JackTrip Change Directory

  3. To run JackTrip, type jacktrip -s. When JackTrip is running, it will show the output shown below:

    JackTrip Server

  4. Check that JackTrip shows up in Jack by clicking on the Connect button

    Jack Connect Button

    JackTrip should appear in the Jack Connections windows:

    Jack Connections Window

  5. Type Ctrl-C to exit JackTrip