Reading Response: Week 1

Artful Design • Ch 1: "Design is ___"

M. Regalado

CS 476A, F19


|Princple 1.3: Aesthetics of Artful Design

-- where abiding elements of aesthetic, are rooted spectrally from sense (direct, physical) to cognition (conceptual, intangible, and perhaps even "invisible").


How aesthetic presents itself within this principle as both an entity manifesting externally of oneself of the macros to intrinsic intimacy of an individual's experience, revalidates my personal thoughts of how good design is human-centric, does good to the individual, and has the responsibility to do good beyond its immediate audience. I've always believed beautiful design does not merely need to please the senses, yet can introduce a new standard to uphold societal good -- from the individual to all and vice versa. Humans are sensorial, emotional, social creatures, and why can design not address all and then some. That "and then some" increases the symbiotic, and at times, fully interlaced ideals of function and form in design when ensuring a human, or humanity, is at the center with a purpose to evoke positive impact.


Through the reading, I stumbled upon time and time again on how myself as a creative and designer, it's important to have this perspective in mind when finalizing our creations. It's an excellent reminder in staying engaged with these themes from Principle 1.3 as each theme can inform itself through the others. For example, one may ensure the materials used in a physical product meets an environmentally sustainable goal while understanding how this product may affect how people connect to one another. Thinking of the dynamic nature to these themes increases the ability to creating products and experiences more thoughtfully.


|Design Etude: Taking Notice


Thing 1: iPad Pro

First and foremost, the link above points to the perfect commercial embodying my thoughts on the iPad Pro - mind you, I've completed this response on my Macbook Pro, though in reality, could have done the entire assignment on my iPad Pro. When reflecting on the spectrum of Principle 1.3, this product perfectly encompasses the first five (material, structural, interactive, emotional/psychological, and social), yet I feel I could give a bit of a stretch to the final overarching question the sixth point, moral-ethical, "does it do good?", I need to search the micro and macro from the perspective of Ray and Charles Eames, Powers of Ten. For myself, 100% as a curious creative and digital tinkerer. Yet, when thinking of eWaste and what it took to make the product from inception to my hands, it may not be doing good for all.


Thing 2: Chrome Biking Backpack

The first and last biking backpack I ever purchased once graduating from undergrad, I wanted to find a bag that was both materially and structurally built to last and increase my visibility (therefore, safety) while on the road at any point in during the day or evening, this Night Series 2 rolltop was the perfect sack for my monochromatic fashion. Should I be worried they no longer carry my current model? No, since I have the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty, which helps me keep my sustainability in check.


Thing 3: Keepcup

When I first purchased this cup, it was the first time I approached a purchase from the perspective of the macro: I love coffee, though disposable cups 1) from a moral-ethical perspective on my reducing my environmental contribution to our everlasting pile-up of land-fill, and 2) as an added bonus, social connecting to fellow baristas I'd come across in locally-owned coffee shops and cafes due to its "barista approved" 12-ounce size, material appeal, and interchangeable pieces.


|Design Etude: Guerrilla Design


Curious about doodling more on my iPad and rethinking maps for biking, I wanted to playfully approach what I see and think about when biking from the Design Loft at Stanford to my humble abode in Menlo Park. Thus I doodled away. This may not be the most user-friendly map; nevertheless, I gave myself permission to freely explore my surroundings based on my most recent ride back on a Friday evening...


|ChucK Program


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