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Complexities of Real Plucks

For theoretical plucks, exponentially-decaying short-noise-bursts produce the psychoacoustically richest sounding digital waveguides for plucked stringed instruments. However, as discussed later in Section 4.1, the pluck itself is psychoacoustically significant. As any plucked-stringed instrument musician would attest to, reproducing the exact same pluck by hand is extremely difficult if not impossible. Studies have been made to study guitar plucks [21]. In such research, elaborate devices have been constructed to reproduce the exact same pluck. As shown later in Section 4.1, plucks are more than short bursts of white-noise. Each pluck has unique characteristics to its particular occurrence.

With coverage of idealized plucks and digital waveguides, one can now build an electric guitar using digital waveguides. An online laboratory outlining the steps for doing so can be found at

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