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Summary of the Labs

In the first lab exercise, we build a simple synth plugin based on the Karplus-Strong plucked-string ``digitar'' algorithm. This is followed by a number of extensions that add more features and improve sound quality and expressiveness. As the labs progress, a highly versatile ``virtual electric guitar'' is built, piece by piece.

Each lab assignment is preceded by a presentation of the basic theory of operation and a working Faust implementation for the virtual guitar component being considered. The exercises primarily consist of directed experiments using the provided Faust code, sometimes asking for simple modifications of the code.

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Download faust_strings.pdf

``Making Virtual Electric Guitars and Associated Effects Using Faust'', by Julius O. Smith III,
REALSIMPLE Project — work supported in part by the Wallenberg Global Learning Network .
Released 2013-08-22 under the Creative Commons License (Attribution 2.5), by Julius O. Smith III
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA),   Stanford University