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The RealSimple project is a KTH-CCRMA collaboration devoted to the development of musical acoustics laboratory exercises integrating both hands-on laboratory experience and computer-based simulation.

RealSimple at CCRMA

RealSimPLE Overview Weighted
Monochord Activity Monochord
Assembly Instructions Soundcard Setup Instructions Monochord
Experiments Harmonic
Content of a Plucked String Traveling Waves In A Vibrating String Plucked
String Digital Waveguide Model PID Control
of a Vibrating String Virtual Tube
Acoustics Lab Virtual
Flute Transfer
Function Measurement Toolbox Musical
Illusions Lab Psychoacoustics Lab Auditory Filter
Bank Lab Introduction to STK and Reverberation Time-Varying Delay Effects Virtual Electric Guitar Virtual Acoustic Instruments Faust Introduction Faust Electric Guitars

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Progress Reports

See the RealSimple website at KTH.

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