Building Interactive Networked Musical Environments Using q3osc

TitleBuilding Interactive Networked Musical Environments Using q3osc
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHamilton, R.
Conference NameAES 35th International Conference: Audio for Games
Conference LocationLondon, UK

Interactive networked musical gaming environments designed as control systems for external music and sound programming languages can be built using the q3osc Quake III/ioquake3 gaming mod. Bi-directional support for the Open Sound Control (OSC) messaging protocol compiled into the game engine allows for the real-time tracking, sonification, spatialization and third-party control of game entities, clients and environmental parameters. Reactive audio environments ranging from abstract multi-user musical performance spaces to representative acoustic models of physical space can be constructed using either a standard user-centric audio perspective or a potentially more immersive and inclusive space-centric perspective. Issues of space and perspective are discussed as related to the distribution of performance space and sonified environment across both local and wide-area networks.

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