Turning brain waves into music helps spot seizures

The music is eerie, if not altogether aesthetically pleasing. Like a soundtrack moments before a film's horrifying twist, the sounds of the brain in a state of seizure betrays the plot with little more than a skin-prickling crescendo.
This music, the electrical activity of the seizing brain translated to sound, is a merger of art and medicine, the work of Stanford's Dr. Josef Parvizi, an epilepsy specialist, and Chris Chafe, a composer and music researcher. 

Their initial idea was to take recordings of epileptic patients' brain activity, turn them into music, and see what they sounded like. What began as a curiosity project then quickly evolved into something more: "sonifying" a seizure in real time, they found, could be a way to more quickly and easily diagnose a patient in the midst of a seizure. Read more here... 
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