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(email: njb /at/ ccrma.stanford.edu)
(email: njb /at/ ccrma.stanford.edu)
'''PLEASE SEE: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~njb/research/speakerHands/index.htm'''

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Nicholas J. Bryan


(web: ccrma.stanford.edu/~njb)

(email: njb /at/ ccrma.stanford.edu)

PLEASE SEE: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~njb/research/speakerHands/index.htm

Speaker Gloves

Speaker Gloves 1 Speaker Gloves 2 Speaker Gloves 3

Speaker Jacket

Speaker Jacket 2 Speaker Jacket 2

Speaker Necklace

Speaker Necklace 1 Speaker Necklace 2 Speaker Necklace 3