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Generating waveforms and envelopes using a mounted camera, colored string, a light box, and max/msp.

Initial Brainstorming Ideas

1. dance with me\n an interactive floor mat that generates sounds and visuals. It senses the size and shape of one's feet (generates a specific timbre, visual, and location in space). It's meant to be interactive by detecting for more than one person and generate loops that play with each other.

2. sounds in space A controller that allows you to track record 3D sound coordinates using one's body. For example, you have a ball representing a track or sound and you pan by dancing with the ball. The location is captured by a camera (maybe a kinect) and converted into 3D coordinates. With two people, you can have two sounds interacting with each other in space.

3. life in a tank A living sound sculpture of life in a fish tank. Sensor's tracking fish movements, oxygen levels, temperature levels could control the soundscape.

4. spandex suit A suit that you wear that generates music based on the movements you're making. It detect the style of dancing and then generate music of that style. if you're dancing is not quite right, maybe the notes won't be correct or the wrong instrument is used. It'll help the dancer get the moves correct.

5. color expander An instrument that generates sound based on symbols and colors input through a camera. The relative levels of color, symbols present, and amount of light control various aspects of the instruments.

6. ant colony Similar to fish tank, we get a section of an ant colony and track their movements and other variables. then we feed them and provoke the ants into different moods. generate sound based on that.

7. mouse trap We could have a set of mice and we allow them to choose their own ambient nose by triggering sounds when eating. Present them with choices of food and allow them training to slowly choose which noise environment they prefer.

8. playdovelopes A controller that allows you to generate the types of envelopes you desire using playdoh. The shape you make corresponds to the sound you hear.

9. water me An instrument made up of a large configurable water sculpture. As the user, you change the flow rate, dye in the water, amount of sources and where the water flows to generate sound.

10. bat away a instrument/controller composed of musicians in choreographed fighting and dancing with a bat. the bat contains an accelerometer, pressure sensors, contact sensors, and is made of white foam with a colored light on the inside. Generate sounds by having multiple people fighting.