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Rough Schedule

11/03 - order parts, finalize design, and create housing template
11/10 - finalize housing template, laser cut housing, begin assembly
11/17 - finalize assembly and begin programming
11/24 - finalize programming
12/1 - solve any remaining issues and take care of fine tunings
12/2 - make and practice presentation
12/3 - final presentation
12/4 - documentation


IMG 0935.jpg

Original off-the-cuff concept sketches for a modular midi controller, note magnetic connections

IMG 0937.jpg

Fine-tuned 3d sketch of the modular midi concept

IMG 0936.jpg

Abandoning modular midi for the sake of time and complexity, focusing on a single component

IMG 0938.jpg

Current concept sketches for multi-functional midi controller

Research + Info

Examples of other work


The Plan.

Unlimited Time + Resources Vision.

Elevator Pitch.

Materials Needed
* X-Large Linear 10k Taper Fader -- 4x
* RGB LED Rotary Encoder -- 4x
* Circular RGB LED Singular Button -- 4x
* 5-Way Tactile Switch -- 1x
* Power source -- 1x
* Arduino -- 1x
* Frosted Black Acrylic

Next Steps.