Useful Commands for Satellite CCRMA

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These are the basic commands you should use with Satellite CCMRA:

  • ssh -XY ccrma@ This logs into the Satellite CCRMA at the IP address as the user ccrma, and with X window forwarding enabled.
  • start-jackd: Starts the audio connection server. (More about jack at [1])
  • pd &: Starts pd (More about pd at [2])
  • sudo halt: Starts the shutdown process. Wait 20 seconds after this and then pull the power plug.

This is a list of commands that are useful to use on the Satellite CCRMA:

  • pkill <name of program>: kills all instances of the program with that name. For example, pkill pd will stop pd if it is stuck or frozen somehow.
  • sudo reboot: Reboot the system.
  • <name of program> &: runs program as a background process, so that you can continue to type other commands into the console. For example, "arduino &" starts the Arduino IDE but also allows you to type other commands before you quit the Arudino IDE program.
  • top: program that shows the CPU usage of the Beagleboard. Press 'q' to quit.
  • alsamixer: lets you look at the mix of the audio input and output. Useful for setting the audio input level on the microphone, for instance.
  • ls: lists the files in the current directory.
  • ls <target>: lists the files in the target directory.
  • cd <dir name>: changes the current directory. For example, 'cd ..' moves to the directory above the current directory.
  • mv <source> <destination>: move file from source to destination
  • pwd: lists the full path name of the current directory
  • nano: opens a text editor
  • cp <source> <destination>: allows you to copy files locally within the Beagleboard filesystem.
  • sudo <command>: executes the command as a superuser once password is entered. For example, to stop the Satellite CCRMA before shutting down, type 'sudo halt'.
  • df: displays free disk space.
  • man <command>: show the manual for a command.

Advanced commands:

  • stop-default: kills pd and jack
  • ps aux | grep pd
  • dd
  • disable-flash-writes: makes board boot up in a way that data is not written to the memory on next boot
  • enable-flash-writes: re-enables the default state where card does allow data to be written to memory on next boot
  • ~/on-startup/load_default patch: on boot, system attempts to run this file automatically if it exists
  • set-DNS-server <ip address>: sets DNS server
  • sudo apt-cache pkgnames: List all of the Ubuntu packages available for install via the Internet.
  • sudo apt-cache pkgnames | grep <word>: List only the available Ubuntu packages containing word.
  • sudo apt-get install <pkgname>: Download and install the Ubuntu package pkgname.