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Upcoming music technology conferences and deadlines.

Gary Scavone's list http://www.music.mcgill.ca/~gary/conferences.html

DAFx07 http://dafx.labri.fr/

Sept 10-15, 2007, Bordeaux, France

Full length paper due 3/31/2007

Oral presentation: 8 pages, Poster Presentation: 4 pages.

Final paper due 6/21/2007

International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) http://www.ica2007madrid.org/

ICA 2007, Madrid, Spain, 2-7 September 2007

Abstracts due 1 April 2007

International Symposium on Musical Acoustics (ISMA) http://www.ica2007madrid.org/modules.php?name=section&id=9&sec=6

ISMA 2007, Barcelona, Spain, 9-12 September 2007

Abstracts due 1 April 2007

ICMC 2007 http://www.icmc2007.net/

Full paper due 4/30/2007

Conference dates Oct(?) 27-31, 2007

AES http://www.aes.org/events/

32nd International AES Conference on DSP for Loudspeakers,

Sept 21-23, 2007, Hillerød, Denmark

Full paper submission, 4/10/2007

123rd AES Convention http://www.aes.org/events/123/

Oct 5-8, 2007, New York, NY, USA

WASPAA 2007 http://www.kecl.ntt.co.jp/icl/signal/waspaa2007/

2007 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics

Mohonk Mountain House

October 21-24, 2007, New Paltz, New York

4 page paper due 5/18/2007

Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers http://www.asilomarssc.org/

Nov 4-7, 2007, Pacific Grove, CA

Abstract and 500 word summary due 6/1/2007


4 page papers usually due at the end September