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Since the MA/MST program is only 9 short months long, each class is largely isolated from past classes and left to figure things out for themselves. So here are a few hints from the class of 2008:


A few useful resources:

If you need to get your math skills up to speed:


It's ok to take a class that isn't at CCRMA. Just don't take too many. Look into taking a class at the d.school and into taking a class with Paul DeMarinis in the Studio Art Department.

Be sure to take at least one DSP class with Julius.

Take a video of your 250 project and put it on YouTube.

Here is the website for the academic calendar, keep track of when you need to register for things like classes, final exam schedules and graduation. Debbie doesn't send out emails!!

Building Things:

Use the Product Realization Lab (PRL)

Fry's is a decent place to get parts.

HDB is better (but a little further away).

Basic Soldering Guide


Everything you need to know about pd

It's fun to play live on KZSU

You can find out everything about the arts at Stanford from SICA

If you need your audio to be real wide, go here.

The only place to play on campus is the Axe N' Palm, but you're better off putting on your own concert in the CCRMA stage.

Use the ccrma.stanford.edu email address and forward it to a gmail account. If you use the stanford.edu address, it will disappear when you leave, but the ccrma.stanford.edu address will stick around.

Be sure to get to know each other as well as you can. It makes school so much more fun if you work in groups on homework (that means EVERYONE doing their part) and on projects. We were lucky to have a cohesive group, and we'd all recommend it for future classes.

It's important to take time to go around campus and see things. Life at CCRMA is pretty 'bubbled', but it's a nice break to see other parts of campus, and off campus as well.

Even though it filled up our mailboxes frequently, having an MA/MST listserv provides quick contact with the group. Ask Blair Bohannan (since she'll be here the year following our graduation) how to set one up!

Don't eat to much 'Ge! food', when you get here, you'll understand... :)