The Sound of Sirens

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3) Post any drawings you have done so far. Post pictures of abandoned designs as well as your original idea.

4) Find at least 5 examples of similar work on the wiki. This list should represent at least 2 hours of good searching. The pieces don't need to be exactly what you are doing - if there are no bicycle powered kalidescopes, look up bicycle art in general. Look at how they mounted the bikes, look at how they connected the pedals. This is your chance to learn from other people's hard work and experimentation.

5a) MVP: We built a disc with evenly spaced holes attached to a rotating motor and a 9V battery. Blowing on the spinning disc does indeed produce pitch! The motor was rather noisy until we figured out a position to squeeze it (near the top) that makes it virtually silent. Then, we iterated, and attached a potentiometer (fader) to control the voltage. 5b) We want to build a "siren organ" with some faders to control rotational speed of the motor(s) (frequency), other faders to control air speed (volume), and buttons to control valves to turn the sirens on/off. 5c) It's more about unlimited money. We're ditching the bike idea, I think.

multiple sirens? bike controlled? air flow? siren organ? multiple tubes with on/off control

5) Create an "elevator pitch" for your project. 2 - 4 sentence description of your project. This will be used on Wednesday when Ean Golden from comes to talk to the class about his work. We will have some time for him to hear about your projects and give feedback but time will be limited so a short description will be necessary.

6) Create a list of materials needed. motors tubes/air hose air valves arduino power source keys/piano/organ interface

7) Create a list of steps to achieve your Minimal Viable Product.

8) Note the comments that I made for each group on Monday (Written Below) Bike Siren (Kevin, Gina, Dan) - The Bart Hopkin book is on my desk