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notes for 14-Mar-2018 (meeting from 3-5pm)

Reports and Announcements:

Disklaviers status report

Extron switchers status report

Studios and workspaces update (what goes where, new spaces, re-purposed spaces)

Braun Rehearsal Hall future big-dollar CCRMA-supporting upgrades

Stage sound system update


Stage floor redo this summer: go? or no go?

Stage lighting control system revision (and Listening Room?)

Projector upgrades: Stage (needs 2), Listening Room, Classroom, Seminar Room, Control Room, Max Lab, spare...? (and how to plug into stage projectors?)

8ch classroom

Archival process for concerts, classes, talks... Permanently installed audio/camera recording system in Stage?

Do we want to be able to record Class Room presentations? Are two cams sufficient for this? How to screen grab? Workflows for producing finished video products.

Video editing station? DK and JK and EG use Studio C Mac Pro. Ballroom? In Classroom (for realtime)?

Adapter closet: include audio cables? Everybody please save dead cables for the "One of each kind of connector" project.

Improving vertical storage spaces (e.g., new shelving with more capacity): adapter closet, Nando's office, Carlos' closet, JOS office, closet behind Classroom, Studio closets...

Instructions at point of use (everywhere?)

Fedora upgrade

Fedora Chrome/Chromium

Full test of Knoll soundcards

Cleanup and test of Knoll workstations

Super-glue all connectors to equipment that should always be on and functional (maybe add labels with warnings?)

CCRMA wordpress hosting

Drupal upgrade (nando says: "Die, Drupal, Die" - lots of thoughts to communicate on this). Content migration: keep everything?

Related website feature requests: integrate with events.stanford.edu, ecommerce (e.g., accepting summer workshop fees)

Will 4k please become affordable soon so we will clearly have to replace the Extron systems?

Would we like to have a Haken Continuum Keyboard somewhere at CCRMA? How about a Roli Seaboard? (Full and half sizes are available.) JOS is hosting the LinnStrument and could host the Seaboard as well, but the Continuum is too much for that space. Jordan Rudess is offering to sell his Continuum and Seaboard at discount prices instead of shipping them back.