Strange Convo

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Strange Convo is a Max4Live audio effect that uses pseudo-realtime convolution with a sampling paradigm to dynamically filter an audio signal. It allows an Ableton Live user to sample stereo audio into the device’s buffer which is then convolved with incoming audio. The convolved audio sounds similar to a resonator, as the common frequencies between the sample and the real-time input are amplified and the uncommon frequencies are attenuated. Unlike a resonator, however, the resonant frequencies change with the buffer sample’s timbral qualities through time. Strange Convo is particularly good at smearing two harmonic sources into ambient washes, or applying tonal/chordal qualities to percussive sounds. By encouraging experimentation with different sample sources, Strange Convo pushes users towards creative new applications of convolution cross-synthesis.

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Phase 1: Researching

Phase 2: Designing and Prototyping

Phase III: Building and Tuning

Reflection / Future Plans