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  • Jieun
  • Rob
  • Chryssie
  • Luke
  • Nick
  • Mike G.
  • Michael B.
  • Leah
  • Visda
  • Andy
  • Jason S.
  • Isak
  • Jakes
  • Ge
  • Rocco


  • 3/19, 4PM rehearsal @ CCRMA
  • 3/19, 6:30PM we depart for SoCal
  • 3/19, night: we have accommodations booked for us in SoCal
  • 3/20, day: set-up and rehearsal
  • 3/20, 7pm: performance
  • 3/20, after performance: reception + dinner + accommodations in SoCal
  • 3/21, AM: for those returning to Stanford, we depart



  • Andy + Luke: Van
  • Mike G: Jason + Jakes (leaving at noon)
  • Ge: Jieun + Leah
  • Rob + Chryssie: Visda + Rocco (if we take keyboard, can only take 1 passenger)
  • Nick: Michael
  • Isak:


  • Andy + Luke: Van + Jakes
  • Ge: Jieun + Michael
  • (anyone else?)

Driving Status...How many people/stuff can you transport

  • Nick: can take two people down there, but will not immediately return
  • Michael B.: can not drive (car needs to go in to the shop): needs ride there and back on Saturday.
  • Leah: no car, need ride down
  • Luke: I'm happy to drive, but CANNOT drive my van (it is running poorly and needs repairs.) I recommend we rent a van.
  • Jieun: need ride
  • Visda: needs ride, brings snacks, music and good mood to the car!
  • Mike Gao: can drive 2-4 people. Also this is a one way ticket because I will not return. I have driven this route countless times so have faith that I will deliver you safely and on time.
  • Rob + Chryssie: can drive... 2 people down... not sure about return date though (seems like this is a common issue).
  • Ge: will drive, can take 3 people down and up, returning on Saturday
  • Andy: can drive if its really needed (I'm worried that my CV joint / tie rod may break at some point) but I would rather not risk it.

Desired Return Date

  • Nick: none
  • Michael B.: needs to return Saturday morning
  • Leah: none - doesn't need ride back
  • Luke: Can return saturday or sunday.
  • Jieun: needs to return on Saturday (earlier the better)
  • Visda: none - stays in the warm socal for ever!
  • Mike: none - stay in LA. welcome to come crash at my house!!!! I have 2 kittens!
  • Rob + Chryssie: not sure about return date.
  • Ge: returning on Saturday (likely in AM)
  • Andy: rarh?

Special Notes

  • Luke: a bowl of brown m&ms... and lots of drugs.
  • (i.e. Special food or room accommodations, other)
  • (ex: On 3/19 I cannot leave until 3pm because I have a final...)