Stanford Laptop Orchestra/SoCal

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People --- Jieun Rob Chryssie Luke Nick Mike G. Michael B. Leah Visda Andy Jason Ge (let Ge know if you aren't on this list and want to go so additional arrangements can be made)

Schedule: --- 3/19, PM (late afternoon / early evening): we depart for SoCal 3/19, night: we have accommodations booked for us in SoCal 3/20, day: set-up and rehearsal 3/20, 7pm: performance 3/20, after performance: reception + dinner + accommodations in SoCal 3/21, AM: for those returning to Stanford, we depart


Who can drive/How many people you can transport

Nick: can take two people down there, but will not immediately return

Desired Return Date

Nick: Will stay down in LA for undetermined amount of time...