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==Desired Return Date==
==Desired Return Date==
Nick: Will stay down in LA for undetermined amount of time...
Nick: none
==Special Notes==
==Special Notes==
(i.e. Special food or room accommodations, other)

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People ---

  • Jieun
  • Rob
  • Chryssie
  • Luke
  • Nick
  • Mike G.
  • Michael B.
  • Leah
  • Visda
  • Andy
  • Jason
  • Ge
  • (Let Ge know if you aren't on this list and want to go so additional arrangements can be made)

Schedule: ---

  • 3/19, PM (late afternoon / early evening): we depart for SoCal
  • 3/19, night: we have accommodations booked for us in SoCal
  • 3/20, day: set-up and rehearsal
  • 3/20, 7pm: performance
  • 3/20, after performance: reception + dinner + accommodations in SoCal
  • 3/21, AM: for those returning to Stanford, we depart


Who can drive/How many people you can transport

Nick: can take two people down there, but will not immediately return

Desired Return Date

Nick: none

Special Notes

(i.e. Special food or room accommodations, other)