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Essential Stanford Software

With your SUID (your Stanford login) you have access to several useful software tools through the Essential Stanford Software website. See pages for both Mac and Windows. You can download and install anti-virus, anti-spyware and Secure FTP clients, as well as Stanford specific software like Stanford Desktop tools.

Stanford University Campus Network

If you live on campus, your housing area has a local Stanford Network representative who will be able to take care of registering your computer's wired and/or wireless card with the SU Network.

If you live off campus and would like to have a computer registered with the SU Network, please see your CCRMA System Administrator's for access. Send an email with the MAC Address for each card (network device) that you want to register, the make and model of the device and the OS it's running.

See here for a complete overview of Stanford campus networking resources [1]

Stanford Guest Registration