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Beijing <---> Stanford Planning Meeting (2008.2.4)

tentative plan so far

  • what: networked + laptop orchestra telematic concert between Beijing and Stanford (full duplex)
  • when: April 30th, 2008, 8pm PST, part of Jindong's PanAsia Music Festival
  • where: Stanford: Dink, Beijing: TBD
  • who:
    • Stanford: Chris (celleto), Ge (laptop orchestra), Juan-Pablo (network?), Jindong (?)
      • NOTE (from Juan-Pablo): I would actually like to play the network in this concert, but I mean, TO PLAY IT. I can be controlling live reverberation and echoic algorithms embedded in network, plus other ideas that may come along. This may be specially interesting in the first and last piece in the program.
    • Beijing: Mrs. Fields (erhu?), TBD
  • why: because it'd be sweet if we can pull it off
  • how: TBD

tentative program (networked portion)

  • er-huh + celleto improv jam
  • Ives++: "unanswered question" (er-hu + celleto + laptop orchestra)
  • possible laptop orchestra piece for local + chinese audience (possibly by MSTs, possibly involving Radio Baton)
  • end piece: Pauline Oliveros's "Tuning Meditation"

current concerns

  • Beijing venue - where to do this? Some current candidates include:
    • Central Conservatory of China, on pavilion outside of main auditory
    • National Theatre, possibly in atrium
    • landmark - moon/sun temple? scenic mountain park?
  • Beijing onsite technical setup
    • port/access to node on internet backbone
    • machine (we might provide this)
    • sound system
    • video hardware (might require another machine?)
  • video capture/transmission/playback
    • what to use for these?
    • who to investigate these tools (perhaps Deepak on CCRMA side)
  • Beijing event as public concert (perhaps for students)

next steps

  • get in touch with Ken Fields (ge)
    • invite his wife to play
  • get in touch with Zhang Xiaofu
  • get in touch with Mungo
  • arrange conference call (ge)
  • gain access to point of presence at Beijing for internet backbone (perhaps ping Chris's friend on Internet2, coordinator of fine arts?) (chris?)
  • determine point person, one in Beijing, one here
  • figure out who can go back to China in March to set up tech, run tests (Juan-Pablo, Rob?)