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= Beijing <---> Stanford Planning Meeting =
= Beijing <---> Stanford Planning Meeting (2008.2.4) =
from 2008.2.4
== tentative plan so far ==
== tentative plan so far ==

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Beijing <---> Stanford Planning Meeting (2008.2.4)

tentative plan so far

  • what: networked + laptop orchestra telematic concert between Beijing and Stanford (full duplex)
  • when: April 30th, 2008, 8pm PST, part of Jindong's Panasia Music Festival
  • where: Stanford: Dink, Beijing: TBD
  • who:
    • Stanford: Chris (celleto), Ge (laptop orchestra), Juan-Pablo (network?)
    • Beijing: Mrs. Fields (erhu?), TBD
  • why: because it's good if we can pull it off
  • how: TBD

tentative program (networked portion)

  • er-huh + celleto improv jam
  • Ives++: "unanswered question" (er-hu + celleto + laptop orchestra)
  • possible laptop orchestra piece for local + chinese audience (possibly by MSTs, possibly involving Radio Baton)
  • end piece: Pauline Oliveros's "Tuning Meditation"

current concerns

  • Beijing venue - where to do this? Some current candidates include:
    • Central Conservatory of China, on pavilion outside of main auditory
    • National Theatre, possibly in atrium
    • landmark - moon/sun temple? scenic mountain park?
  • Beijing onsite technical setup
    • port/access to node on internet backbone
    • machine (we might provide this)
    • sound system
    • video hardware (might require another machine?)
  • video capture/transmission/playback
    • what to use for these?
    • who to investigate these tools (perhaps Deepak on CCRMA side)
  • Beijing event as public concert (perhaps for students)

next steps

  • get in touch with Ken Fields
    • invite his wife to play
  • get in touch with Zhang Xiaofu
  • get in touch with Mungo (student)
  • conference call
  • gain access to point of presence at Beijing for internet backbone (perhaps ping Chris's friend on Internet2, coordinator of fine arts?)
  • determine point person, one in Beijing, one here
  • figure out who can go back to China in March to set up tech, run tests (Juan-Pablo, Rob?)