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General Description

For the Fall Term 2010-2011 there will be a 1U required course meant to take the place of the current Colloquium for bringing in new members of the community.

Proposed Schedule

Mondays, 5:15-7:05pm. Begins first day of class: September 20. Ends Nov 15, last Monday before Thanksgiving holiday followed by end of quarter period.

Stanford Academic Calendar 2010-2011 [1]

datetitlepresenterdocumentation linkscomments
9/20first day of class
9/27Programs/EnsemblesChris ChafeCCRMA programs, personal research
11/22nonenonenoneThanksgiving Holiday

Topic Outline

(45) Events

Event Schedule for the year Forms Opportunities Drupal


Important academic and bureaucratic deadlines\

(60)Knoll Facility

Door and card system Window Security Kitchen General Cleanliness Room booking Recycling Unplugging Gear Checkout

(240)Computing and User Resources

Email Storage - webspace Computing Remote Access Guestnet Printing/Scan/Fax Drupal CMS (user profile, blogs, tour of resources, classifieds, posted user guides, publications, notifications)

(120)Stage, Studios D&E and Mixers

Sasha gives basic overview Nando? shows stage posibilities Carr goes over D&E (2 platforms, what software is available, routing diagrams, speaker respect, home directory, mounting)

(60) Studio C

(60) Listening Room

(30) Max Lab

(60) Matlab

(120) Trimpin

(120) Intros

(30) Software available

(30) QJackCtl and Jack

(60) Recording Studio