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MakerFaireTechMaking FX PdMaking Sound Satellite
Making a Wii remote talk to Pure Data (PD)Mass projectMatlabIntro
Matt Alby 250BMatt Appleby 250BMax/Pd Lab
Mechanical TurkMelody ClipMelody Generator
MiToMiTo 2MiTo Festival Performance
Michaels new pageMicrocontroller ArchitectureMicrocontrollers-What's Out There
Minecraft HackingMini-Instrument LabMmc-august-2012/Lab1
MoPhO/InstrumentsMoPhO/iPhoneDevelopmentMobile Phone Orchestra
Mobile Phone Orchestra/NIME2008Mobile Phone Programming WorkshopMobile Phone Programming Workshop/2007 Abstracts
Mobile Phone Programming Workshop 2007 AbstractsModulations-v2.2ModulationsInstallations
More SensorsMultiGrainMultiGrain Granular Synthesis in Chuck
Multichannel Panning in ChucKMultiple MonitorsMus320
MusicMusic250A 2014
Music 223Music 250a Lab Video Wiki
Music 250a Lab Video Wiki hapticsMusic 319Music 420
Music in Virtual WorldsMusicatiniMusicboxes
Mustache Week BBQMy220cProjectMy220cProject/Vgrace
Myles borins 250BNMC2013 HW 1NMC2013 HW 2
NMC 2010NMC 2011NMC 2012
NMC 2013NMC 2014NMC Microcontrollers Sensors Pd
Network Music Performance Workshop GAFFTA 2010NetworkingNew page
Njb/MUS220a/FinalProjectNjbmlOLD MA MST Courses
OSCOpen Source for HighSchool Multimedia and Journalism
OpenmixerOsccraftPD Links
PID2008 HW 1
PID2008 HW 2PID2008 HW 3PID2008 HW 4
PID2008 Intro to PdPID2008 Introduction
PID2008 Lab 1PID2008 Lab 2
PID2008 Lab 4PID2008 Lab 5
PID2008 Lab Two
PID 2008
PID 2009PID Introduction
PID LinksPID SynthesisPID Workshop Kit
PMCA ExhibitParsing and Plotting DataPasswords
PendulaPerformance Paradigms
Physical Interfaces for MusicPhysical Interfaces for Music 250aPlanetCCRMA@Home Installation
PortfolioPotential References
Pre Laptop OrchestraPre Laptop Orchestra/GearPre Laptop Orchestra/Hemis
Pre Laptop Orchestra/OtherCoolOnePre Laptop Orchestra/PeoplePre Laptop Orchestra/Salad Bowl
Pre Laptop Orchestra/SpeakersPrinting Copying FaxingProject EAST
Project presentationsPrototypingPython
Q3oscQ3osc4nime08Q3osc: overview
Q3osc: worksQuick sound synthesis without physical modeling in PDRavi
Reading MP3 FilesRealsimpleRemington Wong
Remote AccessRob Upcoming DeadlinesRomain Michon 250B
Room SchedulingRwongSCbeats
SGSI07 Music and Human BehaviorSIC
SLOrkitectureSaffire Pro 26 I/0 with FFADOSandbox
Sat Presentations 2011SatelliteSatellite CCRMA (Alpha Release)
Satellite CCRMA (Beta Release)
Satellite CCRMA Extra CreditSatellite CCRMA First StepsSatellite CCRMA To Do
Satellite CCRMA WindowsScanningScripting UDKOSC Gestures
Seminar Room AVSensor Arduino LabSensor Arduino Lab 2013
SensorsSensors & CircuitsShep421
SiSSignal generator hintsSiqi Mou Final Project Music 220a Fall 2008
Skeletal Mesh ControllersSlork-Gearlist-2009Slork-Overview-2009
SndSnd:Editing Soundfiles
Software Interfaces for MusicSoftware LabSoftware Lab 250
Software Lab NMCSoftware Lab NMC 2013SonicAnxiety
Sound ExplorerSound Synthesis With Max Or PdSound Synthesis With Pd
Soundwire-fall2007/PeopleSpaceBallSpam Control at CCRMA
Spatial Sound Workshop GAFFTA 2010Spatial layersSpring Reverb Modeling
Staff ColloquiumStageSuppliesStanfordBeijingPlanning
Stanford Computing ResourcesStanford Laptop Orchestra
Stanford Laptop Orchestra/SoCalStk2pdStk2pd441
Stk2pd444Stockhausen Zodiac Music BoxesStompbox 2011
Stompbox 2012Stompbox 2013Stompbox Lab 0
Stompbox Lab 0 2013Stompbox Rapid PrototypingStompbox Real Sensors
Stompbox Real Sensors 2013Student project videos pageStudents/
Students/michaelberger/SevenGestures/Students/michaelberger/Skeleton/Studio D and E Macintosh Mixer Setup Tutorial
SuperColliderSuperCollider Cookbook
SuperCollider Quick ReferenceSuperCollider TweetsSupercollider Notes
SupersawSurvey of Physical Interfaces for MusicSynthAModelerFireFaderLab
Tangible Embedded LinuxTangible Embedded Linux OldTele-Harmonium
TestTest-tone Video ExamplesTesting audio output
The8bitchoiceThe Processed TypewriterThe Sound of Sirens
Thunderbird TipsTimeCapsuleTime in PD
TimelyneTower of PowerTowerofpower
TralalaTransformative design
Travis Geis 250BUDKOSCUDKOSC Camera Modes
UDKOSC DEVUDKOSC Development TimelineUDKOSC and Oculus Rift
UDK screenshotsUSFXRUT3OSC
Unity ExamplesUnity infoUnreal
Unreal 4 DevUpcoming music technology conferencesUseful Commands for Satellite CCRMA
Useful approximationsUser Webspace
Using SubversionVelokeysVibrato
Video conversion with FFMPEGVoice PedalWWise Plugins
WaavyWearable SpeakersWeb Links
WorkingWorkshop 2014Yoo Yeh 250B

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