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MIR workshop 2009/ParticipantsMIR workshop 2010MIR workshop 2010 Participants
MIR workshop 2011MIR workshop 2011 day5 labMIR workshop 2012
MIR workshop 2013MIR workshop 2014MS Redistributable
MUS 253MacTel PlanetCCRMAMac OS X Leopard Tips and Tricks
Macbook pro triple-bootMailing Lists
Making FX PdMaking Sound SatelliteMaking a Wii remote talk to Pure Data (PD)
Mass projectMatlabIntroMatt Alby 250B
Matt Appleby 250BMax/Pd LabMaxKit
MaxLabMcdMechanical Turk
Melody ClipMelody GeneratorMiTo
MiTo 2MiTo Festival PerformanceMichaels new page
Microcontroller ArchitectureMicrocontrollers-What's Out ThereMinecraft Hacking
Mini-Instrument LabMmc-august-2012/Lab1Mmc-august-2012/Lab2
MoPhO/iPhoneDevelopmentMobile Phone OrchestraMobile Phone Orchestra/NIME2008
Mobile Phone Programming WorkshopMobile Phone Programming Workshop/2007 AbstractsMobile Phone Programming Workshop 2007 Abstracts
Modulations-v2.2ModulationsInstallationsMore Sensors
MultiGrainMultiGrain Granular Synthesis in ChuckMultichannel Panning in ChucK
Multiple MonitorsMus320Music
Music250A 2014
Music 223Music 250a Lab Video WikiMusic 250a Lab Video Wiki haptics
Music 319Music 420Music in Virtual Worlds
MusicatiniMusicboxesMustache Week BBQ
My220cProjectMy220cProject/VgraceMyles borins 250B
NMC2013 HW 1NMC2013 HW 2NMC 2010
NMC 2011NMC 2012NMC 2013
NMC 2014NMC Microcontrollers Sensors PdNetwork Music Performance Workshop GAFFTA 2010
NetworkingNew pageNjb
NjbmlOLD MA MST CoursesOSC
Open Source for HighSchool Multimedia and JournalismOpenmixer
OsccraftPD LinksPID
PID2008 HW 1PID2008 HW 2
PID2008 HW 3PID2008 HW 4PID2008 Intro to Pd
PID2008 IntroductionPID2008 Lab 1
PID2008 Lab 2PID2008 Lab 4
PID2008 Lab 5PID2008 Lab Two
PID 2008PID 2009
PID IntroductionPID Links
PID SynthesisPID Workshop KitPMCA Exhibit
Parsing and Plotting DataPasswordsPendula
Performance Paradigms
PhD CBMTA InfoPhysical Interfaces for Music
Physical Interfaces for Music 250aPlanetCCRMA@Home InstallationPortfolio
Potential ReferencesPre Laptop Orchestra
Pre Laptop Orchestra/GearPre Laptop Orchestra/HemisPre Laptop Orchestra/OtherCoolOne
Pre Laptop Orchestra/PeoplePre Laptop Orchestra/Salad BowlPre Laptop Orchestra/Speakers
Printing Copying FaxingProject EASTProject presentations
Q3osc4nime08Q3osc: overviewQ3osc: works
Quick sound synthesis without physical modeling in PDRaviReading MP3 Files
RealsimpleRemington WongRemote Access
Rob Upcoming DeadlinesRomain Michon 250BRoom Scheduling
RwongSCbeatsSGSI07 Music and Human Behavior
Saffire Pro 26 I/0 with FFADOSandboxSat Presentations 2011
SatelliteSatellite CCRMA (Alpha Release)Satellite CCRMA (Beta Release)
Satellite CCRMA Extra Credit
Satellite CCRMA First StepsSatellite CCRMA To DoSatellite CCRMA Windows
ScanningScripting UDKOSC GesturesSeminar Room AV
Sensor Arduino LabSensor Arduino Lab 2013Sensors
Sensors & CircuitsShep421SiS
Signal generator hintsSiqi Mou Final Project Music 220a Fall 2008Skeletal Mesh Controllers
Snd:Editing SoundfilesSoftware Interfaces for Music
Software LabSoftware Lab 250Software Lab NMC
Software Lab NMC 2013SonicAnxietySound Explorer
Sound Synthesis With Max Or PdSound Synthesis With PdSoundcards
SpaceBallSpam Control at CCRMASpatial Sound Workshop GAFFTA 2010
Spatial layersSpring Reverb ModelingStaff Colloquium
Stanford Computing ResourcesStanford Laptop OrchestraStanford Laptop Orchestra/SoCal
Stockhausen Zodiac Music BoxesStompbox 2011Stompbox 2012
Stompbox 2013Stompbox Lab 0Stompbox Lab 0 2013
Stompbox Rapid PrototypingStompbox Real SensorsStompbox Real Sensors 2013
Student project videos pageStudents/Students/michaelberger/
Students/michaelberger/Skeleton/Studio D and E Macintosh Mixer Setup Tutorial
SuperColliderSuperCollider CookbookSuperCollider Quick Reference
SuperCollider TweetsSupercollider NotesSupersaw
Survey of Physical Interfaces for MusicSynthAModelerFireFaderLabTangible Embedded Linux
Tangible Embedded Linux OldTele-HarmoniumTest
Test-tone Video ExamplesTesting audio outputThe8bitchoice
The Processed TypewriterThe Sound of SirensThunderbird Tips
TimeCapsuleTime in PDTimelyne
Tower of PowerTowerofpowerTralala
Transformative designTravis Geis 250B
UDKOSC Development TimelineUDKOSC and Oculus RiftUDK screenshots
USFXRUT3OSCUnity Examples
Unity infoUnrealUnreal 4 Dev
Upcoming music technology conferencesUseful Commands for Satellite CCRMA
Useful approximationsUser WebspaceUsing Subversion
VelokeysVibratoVideo conversion with FFMPEG
Voice PedalWWise PluginsWaavy
Wearable SpeakersWeb LinksWorking
Workshop 2014Yoo Yeh 250B

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