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3-D Sound Mixer


The Ball of Sound is an elegant and intuitive interface for live spatialization. Traditional mixers and other output controllers tend to limit the performer's abilities to manipulate sound configurations in real time, due to complicated layouts and configurations. The Ball of Sound (will eventually) offer multi-track spatialization in three dimensions in a stand alone or fully integrated setup.


Hemisphere Design





Similar Examples

[Insert Examples from David's previous research]


a) Mandatory Requirements

    i. User will be able to control individual audio levels for a minimum of 4 channels
   ii. User will be able to control panning for a minimum of 4 speaker placements
  iii. User will be able enact the aforementioned with a single input signal

b) Add-Ons

   i. Instead of a magnet, the user will be able to use his/her hands to manipulate the parameters
   ii. The user will be able to do various complicated tasks by performing specific hand motions/cues
  iii. User will have some type of feedback (color visuals, haptic) in order to better understand what is being done or if a specific function has been enabled.
 iv. Instead of half a sphere, the user will be able to interact with a touch sensitive orb

c) Commercialization

   i. Find the most cost effective/aesthetically pleasing materials to implement this same idea
  ii. Instead of touch, use camera/projection of images on the orb and analyze changes in light/movement with user interaction
 iii. Find a way to have it be useable with only a laptop/program


1. Hollow spherical surface

2. Magnets to be placed inside/outside of the surface

3. Joystick for user control

4. Metal prong and spring

5. Raspberry Pi

6. PD Program for panning

7. Laptop for handling output of signals from Rasberry Pi


We decided to go ahead and use a joystick over a trackball, due to the joysticks ability to not only measure displacement, but also the joysticks actual position. We have yet to decide on how/what we will mount the spacializer on.

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