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CCRMA folks (and soundwire instruments)

  • Chris Chafe (electric cello)
  • Ge Wang (laptop, code)
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano ()
  • Nick Bryan (laptop, clarinet)
  • Turner Kirk (laptop, bagpipe, good times)
  • Hayden Bursk (laptop, guitar, drums)
  • Cobi van Tonder (laptop, voice, mic/objects)
  • Gina (Yiqing Gu) (laptop, flute, piano)
  • Elise MacMillan (violin and voice, kazoo)
  • Diana Siwiak (flute, piano, voice)
  • Baek Chang (laptop, guitar, piano)
  • Dennis (laptop, guitar, piano)
  • Max Citron (laptop, guitar, drums, synth)
  • Luke Dahl (melodica + synth)
  • Rob Hamilton (guitar)
  • Juan-Pablo Caceres (synth:NL3)
  • Tania Marquez (piano, max/msp?)
  • Hiroko Terasawa (voice, video, photo)
  • Adnan Marquez-B (saxomophone)
  • Joel Darnaver (bass, guitar, rocks bang together)
  • Chris Warren (8-string bass/guitar, feedback piano)
  • Jeff Cooper (nylon guitar, harmonica, mixer?)