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What each person is bringing, exactly

please indicate (as precisely as possible) what gear you'll be bring to class. Thanks!!!

NOTE: BRING CABLES (one or two 1/4", depending if you want mono or stereo going into the mixer)

  • Chris C:
  • Ge: laptop (need AC) -> 1/4"
  • Nando:
  • Nick: Laptop with O2 USB Midi controller connect via mono 1/4 TRS, I would also like to help out mixing...I'm not sure where to put this.
  • Turner:
  • Hayden:
  • Cobi:
  • Gina: laptop, MOTU 828mkII,flute/alto flute(if wanted), Novation ReMOTE 25 SL MIDI Controller ( ordering...not available this week...)
  • Elise: acoustic violin w/ pickup, other sounds-kazoo, voice
  • Diana: flute/piccolo, laptop (as needed), my voice
  • Baek: laptop, MOTU ultralite, Korg Microkorg.
  • Dennis:laptop,M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 25-Key Mobile USB Controller (I brought online.....not coming yet)
  • Max:
  • Luke: melodica w/ contact mic pickup thru motu ultralite into max/msp, w/ trigger finger as midi controller.
  • Rob: electric guitar -> 1/4 -> direct-box-eq -> 1/4
  • Juan-Pablo: Synth (NL3) 2-channels
  • Tania:
  • Hiroko:
  • Adnan: saxophone, various wind instruments
  • Joel:
  • Chris W: 8-string bass/guitar, feedback piano (shortly)
  • Jeff: