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The SoundCaster is the quintessential all-in one performance tool for any aspiring singer/wizard. Its intimidating yet mysterious appearance suits its equally intimidating, equally mysterious purpose- arcane control over the musical elements. Manipulate your own vocal energies through the magical power of the Soundcaster, casting your voice about the room, duplicating your presence and calling forth otherworldly voices to aid in your quest for the most epic performance.

Name: SoundCaster


 1. Mic
 2. Staff
      - Accelerometer
      - Measure tilt angle, which then can be mapped to quantized region in space -> speaker fader
      - wood (plastic for prototype?)
 3. Panning
       - Stereo setup


 1. Looper
     - Voice sample effects: reversal, amplitude modulation, formant filtering...
 2. Sound spatialization
     - Sample selection and spatial control
     - Spatial quantization for region mapping to speakers
 3. Buttons for control selection
 4. Stomp for effects (massive reverb for instance) - piezo? 
     - Rubber cap at bottom of staff
 5. Gyroscope


 1. Hand gestures for extra effects (i.e. distortion, extremely gestural distance control)	
 2. Accelerometer tornado effects
 3. More speakers
 4. Pressure sensors / soft pots - used in conjunction with original pitch to pitch shift


 1. Get mic (build or buy)
 2. Makeshift staff (i.e. 2x4, PVC pipe, broom handle, etc.)
 3. Tinker with sensors duct-taped to staff to achieve sound design
 4. Create sound design (PD): sample and pan


IMG 20131101 174518 445.jpg Gabriele Sketch 4.jpg IMG 20131101 174525 270.jpg IMG 20131101 174538 180.jpg


T-Stick - IDMIL

BRBI - Woon Seung Yeo

Quarterstaff - Jan Schacher

Karlax - Tom Mays


Ideal product