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To Dos...

System Preferences:

- Desktop & Screen Saver: change to 30 minutes, CHECK: Show with clock [see screenshot, Picture 1]

- Dock: CHECK: automatically hide and show the dock [see screenshot, Picture 2]

- Expose: good as is. refer to Picture 3 Spaces: good as is. refer to Picture 4

- Spotlight: UNCHECK both boxes in the bottom, refer to Picture 5

- Energy Saver: Settings for: Power Adapters Optimization: Better Performance (should automatically change to "Custom" after everything) sleep: Never displays to sleep: 45 min refer to PIcture 6

Settings for: Battery Optimization: Better Performance(should automatically change to "Custom" after everything) sleep: 1 hr display: 15min refer to Picture 7

CLICK THE LOCK to prevent further changes!!!

- Sound: UNCHECK the middle three feedback stuff leave it CHECKed: show volume in menu bar refer to Picture 8

- Sharing UNLOCK THE LOCK to make changes - Computer Name: [name the machine] - CHECK: Remote Login LOCK to prevent further changes

- Accounts UNLOCK to make changes Under "Login Options" (to the left panel), Automatic login as "The SLOrk" CHECK "Enable fast user switching" (OK on the warning) View as: "Short name" refer to Picture 9 LOCK to prevent further changes

- Software Update (first, connect to safari to connect to CCRMA) Check now for new software: DO IT AT THE END...... BECAUSE IT TAKES A LONG TIME. Install everything we need to UNCHECK: Check for updates refer to Picture 10

- Time Machine OFF UNCHECK: Show Time Machine status in the menu bar refer to Picture 11

FINDER chose "column view" at the top REMOVE "Send Registration" from the HOME folder GET RID OF "Documents" from the left column

Safari Preferences: change home page to http;// View --> Show Status Bar refer to Picture 13 Delete all links/ bookmarks from beneath the URL box Add slork to quick link ( Add ccrma to quick link ( Add chuck to quick link (

Download the Mini Audicle

DEVELOPER TOOLS Insert Disc 2 Xcode Tools XcodeTools.mpkg

Download motu drivers (To be put up on the ccrma space) - Choose to install to Applications - CHECK FireWire-USB Audio Drivers ONLY refer to Picture 12 Click Install MOTU Audio Setup.. drag to dock?

refer to picture 15: CHECK "Launch MOTU..."

plug in MOTU, turn on. check settings under MOTU Audio Setup, under UltraLite: 44100 Internal Analog 1-2 Analog 1-2 Analog 1-2 5.1 (Analog 1-6) refer to Picture 14

CONFIGURING TERMINAL (see PIctures) Preferences-> Settings -> Settings Select Pro (left column) Text: see picture (16) Window (17) Advanced: UNCHECK Bell -> Audible Bell (18) 90% transparency?

for checking out SLOrk content from the repository: "trunk" ( 1. for checking out SLOrk content from the repository: "trunk" svn co svn+ssh:// 2. rename trunk to slork: mv trunk slork 3. cp slork/scripts/shell/bash_profile .bashprofile 4. Test it: chuck --> you should get "[chuck]: no input files... (try --help)"

Dock: - remove and add stuff to the dock to make it look like PIcture 20