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  • Copy the folder drumCircle to any directory you like
  • Done!


  • adf


Drum Circle To run DC a three chuck patches and a separate OpenGL program must be run. The three separate Chuck files can be run individually (,, or by a separate chuck file that adds the other three ( Before you start the virtual machine, please set the default path in the preferences to be slork/users/njb/drumCircle. For simplicity, add and move on to adding the graphics program. To run the graphics program, please open Terminal and move directories to /slork/users/njb/drumCircle/gfx. From there type ./drumCircle

  1. adsf
  2. asdf

Key mapping

All control is managed through the graphics interface with the following controls: s -full screen e -rotate pattern up r -rotate pattern down > -adds a circle < -subtracts a circle [ -rotate graphics back ] -rotate graphics forward + -move graphics forward - -move graphics backward q -quits (spacebar) -stops/starts the play clock so you can edit a specific note (tab) -starts/stops interactive mode using the sms sensor. At start up, it simply plays everything for you. In interactive mode, you must hit the computer to trigger a sound. To eventually change tempo, you would have to go into the fill and adjust accordingly.

Advanced users