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This instrument play intervals. The tilting of the laptop controls the intensity of each note (tilting front or back play the root note and tilting to the sides play the "interval" note). The sound is played trough a LeSLOrklie speaker (it rotates around the Hemi at an adjustable spin frequency).




  • Using a terminal go to the folder were "" is located
  • On the terminal window type: (replace N with the number of output channels of the audio card)
    chuck -cN intervalis
  • Play!


  1. Select the root note by using 2nd and 3rd rows of the keyboard (from Tab & CAPS to ] & RETURN). See root note selection for details
  2. Select interval using the numbers (1 to 8)
  3. Play notes by tilting the laptop
  4. Optional:

Key mapping

Root note selection
F4# G4 G4# A4 A4# B4 C5 C5# D5 D5# E5 F5 F5# G5 G5# A5 A5# B5 C6 C6# D6 D6# E6
TAB CAPS Q A W S D R F T G H U J I K O L ; [ ' ]
Interval selection

Number keys from 1 to 8

Interval quality selection
  • M (Major/Perfect)
  • N (Minor/Tritone)

(no diminished or augmented)

Other control keys
Parameter Decrease Increase
Register , .
Detune 9 0
Spin frequency Arrow Left Arrow Right
Number of harmonics (timber) Arrow Down Arrow Up
Mute keys
Key Mutes ...
SPACE BAR Both notes
Left SHIFT Root note
Right SHIFT Interval note

Advanced users