SGSI07 Music and Human Behavior

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Stanford Graduate Summer Institute

SGSI Summer course in Musical Behavior

Course outline

  • Sunday 9/16 dinner and concert
  • Monday 9/17 The Anatomy of Musical Hearing
  • Tuesday 9/18 Learning and Memory
  • Wednesday 9/19 Expectations
  • Thursday 9/20 Timing and temporal structures
  • Friday 9/21 Emotion in Music


  • 9/16 Haydn, String Quartet op. 54, no. 2. Beethoven, string Quartet, op. 132
  • 9/18 Wagner, Tannhauser (tentative)
  • 9/19 Schubert, String Quintet, C major (tentative)


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Pre-course assignment

Please answer the following and e-mail your responses to Song-Hui Chon

  1. Succinctly describe what you hope to get out of this course and what you feel you can contribute.
  2. List five questions regarding music and human musical behavior that you would like to pursue in depth during the week of the summer course.