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CCRMA has several ways of accessing resources remotely. There are a few things to remember however you log in from a remote host:

- be cognizant of the potential for keyboard password sniffers when typing your username and password. read: internet cafe's, etc. just know they exist.

- if logging into a workstation host (e.g.
), anyone logged in to that machine locally has priority over the host's resources. Best to look for another host to login. Check if someone else is logged in by typing:
~> w

You can login remotely to through a server called by typing the following in a terminal window:

~>ssh <username>

You will see this response in your terminal:

Welcome to CCRMA, Stanford University
[This system is for authorized use only]

<username>'s password: 

Enter your password, and you will be presented with a prompt located at your home directory.

X11 Display Forwarding

A useful tool for using GUI based applications at home that are running on a CCRMA machine is display forwarding. This tool forwards X11 display information to your remotely logged in host, provided you have X11 installed.

~>ssh -X <username>

Once you are logged in you can run any GUI based applicatio from the command line for example:


and it will open locally in an X Window but be running on a CCRMA computer with only the display information being forwarded. You can interact with the program in the usual way. You may find some delay in the interaction based on what kind of bandwidth is available for your connection. You may want to consider command line or text alternatives to using display forwarding of you have limited bandwidth. For example, you could use pine rather than Evolution to check your email, or use matlab in 'nodisplay' mode:

~>matlab -nodisplay


Please logout when you are not using a session.