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q3osc is an attempt to update the manner in which the quake3 gaming engine can be used to export player locations and entity actions outside of the q3 server via OSC. While q3osc is working from a fresh ioquake3 codebase, the inspiration came from pix + delire's excellent q3apd project, which unfortunately makes use of the string-based FUDI protocol instead of a more flexible proper OSC protocol.

After using Q3APD for the 8-channel work maps & legends, it became apparent that while the mod was useful, more could be done, especially in terms of player gestures and data-points being exported from quake3 to an external audio engine. Since Q3APD used the string-based FUDI UDP implementation, rather than a full-blown standards-based OSC implementation, only PD could reasonably be used as the recipient of Q3APD outgoing data-streams.

With q3osc, the goal is to use a fully-featured OSC implementation to not only recreate the basic user-coordinate tracking from Q3APD, but to also expand the scope of usable in-game parameters to include missle objects and other actionable items and events in the game world. Using OSC, we can implement audio engines built in any osc-capable audio software, such as ChucK, Max/MSP, SuperCollider or PD.

current status


initial compilation success with test.cpp, thanks to ge's sweet sweet compiler flags:

$(B)/baseq3/qagame$(ARCH).$(SHLIBEXT) : $(Q3GOBJ)
 $(CC) $(SHLIBLDFLAGS) -lstdc++ -o $@ $(Q3GOBJ)
$(B)/baseq3/cgame$(ARCH).$(SHLIBEXT) : $(Q3GOBJ)
 $(CC) $(SHLIBLDFLAGS) -lstdc++ -o $@ $(Q3GOBJ)



uber-beta floundering; while test .cpp classes are compiling correctly, something is going screwy in the linking process, which causes qagamei386.so to fail on the foo method call (see below)

Loading dll file qagame.
Sys_LoadDll(/user/r/rob/data/q3/dev/ccrma-kdevelop/build/release-linux-i386/ccrma/qagamei386.so) failed:
"Failed loading /user/r/rob/data/q3/dev/ccrma-kdevelop/build/release-linux-i386/ccrma/qagamei386.so:   
/user/r/rob/data/q3/dev/ccrma-kdevelop/build/release-linux-i386/ccrma/qagamei386.so: undefined symbol: foo"


Hamilton, R., "Maps and Legends: FPS-Based Interfaces For Composition and Immersive Performance" In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Association Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007.



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