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JOS 220C Projects

Classical Guitar Part for Handel's "Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me?"

I love doing "classical covers", and this is my typical workflow:

1. See if a Printed Score and/or MIDI file are available:

  • Web Search (without quotes): "Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me? handel midi"
  • First [search result]( is fine
  • Also download a score PDF
  • Open `osleep.mid` in Logic Pro X
  • Play it and watch the score to see that it's ok, which it is
  • Edit as desired to make it sound better (set the key, choose instruments, add effects, etc.)

2. Learn the music like a guitar player :-)

  • Switch the bass to treble clef and transpose it up two octaves to make it look like a guitar part
  • Play the bass along with the playback until I more or less have the structure (use loops to scrub tricky parts)
  • Write out the chord chart
  • Play along in free form on guitar
  • Converge toward a nice guitar accompaniment for vocalist and bass