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Paper Supplies

CCRMA is very generous about copying and supplying paper. Please limit your printouts to relevant documents. Also, the CCRMA printer is not meant for large documents (books, thesis drafts). Please take these offsite for printing. It's up to all of us to take care of the print/copy station: recycling cardboard paper boxes when they are empty, recycling paper cuttings, failed print jobs, and generally keeping the station ready for the next user and the detritus of those machines in the trash or recycling.


See scanning page here: Scanning


There is one printer at the Knoll connected to the network. It is located in center of the second floor near the lockers:

Model: HP 4410MFP


Protocol: JetDirect

This printer supports Duplex (double-sided) printing. Often jobs with large embedded graphics (pdf) are difficult for the printer. If you experience problems, please see your SysAdmins.