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Hey Everyone!!!

If you're interested in the Salad Bowl Prototype Group sign up here! The Salad Bowl speaker group will build/think about a previously designed speaker array (Dan Truman's and the researchers at CNMAT) incorporating a cheap/low-cost design using Salad Bowls fromm IKEA!

Everyone one know more than me, so post any/ideas about what we want to accomplish!!!

People/The Round Table




What is the Salad Bowl?

Salad Bowl

Supplies/Order List

8 40W Shielded Woofer, 8 Ohm $7.5 each*8 = $60

4 2-Channel Speaker Terminals $1 each*4 = $4

2 Reda IKEA Mixing Bowls $5 each *2 = $10

Misc. Bolts/Washers/Attaching Speaker Thingys $5

Heat Shrink => Max Lab

Speaker Wire => Max Lab

Weather Stripping => maybe Max Lab

Some Form of Amplifiers...See Below


What's an Amplifier/Why do we need one? Amplifiers boost the incoming audio so the output of the speakers can be loud!!!

What we think we're going to use??? T-amps

What's a T-amp? A type of Class-D amplifier...simply a cheap, relatively good sounding method for amplification