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(How to cut circles in Wood?)
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==Other Amplifier Links==
[http://www.si5.com/products.php?pID=4046 Sonic Impact Commercially Available 2-Channel T-Amp $80/2Channels = total of $320 ish]
[http://www.trendsaudio.com/EN/Product/TA-10_desc.htm Another Commercial T-amp from Trends]
[http://41hz.com/ DIY Kits @ 41hz.com]
[http://diyaudioprojects.com/Chip/AMP6-DIY-T-Amp-Kit/ A DIY Page building one of the 41hz.com kits]
[http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/t-amp_tweaks_e.html Hacking a Sonic Impact T-amp?]
[ [http://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra/Speakers back to Speaker Design] ][ [http://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra back to SLOrkwik home] ]
[ [http://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra/Speakers back to Speaker Design] ][ [http://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra back to SLOrkwik home] ]

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Salad? Is it good for anything? Maybe not, but at least we can use the bowls.

The Round Table

Nick, Steinunn, Hayden, Turner, Baek

What is the Salad Bowl?

The Original Salad Bowl (Dan Truman @ CNMAT)

What We Want to Try?

BLANDA MATT 8 inch diameter

BLANDA MATT 11 inch diameter

Reda IKEA Mixing Bowls

Supplies/Order List


8 Tang Band W2-803SM 2" Driver

6 Tang Band W3-315E 3" Aluminum/Magnesium Driver

6 Tang Band W3-881SJ 3" Shielded Neodymium Driver


25 Neutrik NYS230 1/4" Stereo Jack Non-Switched


5 AMP9-BASC 4 channel amps for 12V - 24V and low impedance loads

For a printed version of the spec. sheets and info, see Nick's CCRMA mailbox.

Power Supply

How to cut circles in Wood?

Ironically..or not...we should be able to use a Hole Saw...

Hole saw.jpg

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