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Brave People

  • Ge Wang (fear-filled and yet undeterred director)
  • Diana Siwiak (intrepid instigator of Pre-Laptop Orchestra)
  • Reed Anderson
  • Steinunn Arnardottir
  • Brett Ascarelli
  • Mark Branscom
  • Nick Bryan
  • H-dizzle Bursk
  • Baek San Chang
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Luke Dahl
  • Lawrence Fyfe
  • Gina Gu
  • Rob Hamilton
  • Ethan Hartman
  • Yungshen Hsiao
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
  • Turner Kirk
  • Adnan Marquez-Borbon
  • Chryssie Nanou
  • Jason "excited" Riggs
  • Kyle Spratt
  • Hiroko Terasawa
  • Cobi van Tonder
  • Chris Warren
  • Carr Wilkerson
  • Deepak Iyer
  • (add your self!)

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sign up for your areas of interests and preferred duties, or add new ones below. Ge will participate/lurk in each of these.

SLOrk powered hemispherical speaker design + prototyping (target size: 4-6 people, though all are encouraged to contribute)

(prototyping, building, testing, everything)

  • Nick
  • Chris
  • Ethan
  • Ge
  • Lawrence
  • Diana
  • Steinunn (somehow this sign up for tasks passed me.. I see I am exceeding the target here, but would be interested in participating in speaker design and building.. maybe I can be an alternate here..)
  • Reed would like to be involved... if possible.
  • Turner (if "The solder master" is needed)

Linux compatibility research

(audio interfaces? pricing? drivers?)

  • Ethan
  • Rob
  • Deepak
  • Nando? Carr?
  •  ?

SLOrk Station Design + Assembly + Purchasing (target size: 4-6)

(how everything fits together, what is needed: speaker + rack? + computer + pillow + mat + power + formation + lapinator + ???)

  • Ge
  • Diana
  • Baek
  • Reed
  • Jason


(once we decide on a prototype, how to transport everything as an ensemble? carts? what types of cases?)

  • Hayden

Large-scale speakers fabrication + assembly (target size: a lot)

(once we decide on a prototype, it will be time to mass produce)

  • Baek
  • Hayden
  • Diana
  • Chris
  • Reed
  • Turner ("The solder master")


(someone might want to chronicle the adventures of this pre-laptop orchestra, audio, video, images, text? Brett? others?)

  • Diana - will split with Steinunn.
  • Steinunnn - signed up by Hayden. She likes to take pictures.
  • Dennis Hsiao - I would like to take video.
  • Brett - signed up by Ge. SLOrk journalist extraordinaire.

Other (suggestions?)

(artwork? naming? software? projection? please feel free to add other task categories)

  • Reed would be interested in brain-storming a logo once the name is settled. also want to
  brain storm about the below brewing idea...
                   - I have this projection idea, visuals that are interlaced with SLORK sound
                      that is quite extensive. This ideas would add a sense of physicality to the
                      sound performance. It would need some programming knowledge
                      beyond my current abilities. This is something that could be used,
                      but could be an interesting public program if done right.

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