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Brave People

  • Ge Wang (fear-filled and yet undeterred director)
  • Diana Siwiak (intrepid instigator of Pre-Laptop Orchestra)
  • Reed Anderson
  • Steinunn Arnardottir
  • Brett Ascarelli
  • Mark Branscom
  • Nick Bryan
  • H-dizzle Bursk
  • Baek San Chang
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Luke Dahl
  • Lawrence Fyfe
  • Gina Gu
  • Rob Hamilton
  • Ethan Hartman
  • Yungshen Hsiao
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
  • Turner Kirk
  • Adnan Marquez-Borbon
  • Chryssie Nanou
  • Jason Riggs
  • Kyle Spratt
  • Hiroko Terasawa
  • Cobi van Tonder
  • Chris Warren
  • Carr Wilkerson
  • (add your self!)


sign up for your areas of interests and preferred duties, or add new ones below. Ge will participate/lurk in each of these.

SLOrk powered hemispherical speaker design + prototyping (target size: 4-6 people, though all are encouraged to contribute)

(prototyping, building, testing, everything)

  • Nick
  • Chris
  • Ethan
  • Ge
  • Lawrence
  • Diana
  • Steinunn (somehow this sign up for tasks passed me.. I see I am exceeding the target here, but would be interested in participating in speaker design and building.. maybe I can be an alternate here..)

Linux compatibility research

(audio interfaces? pricing? drivers?)

  • Ethan
  • Nando? Carr?
  •  ?

SLOrk Station Design + Assembly (target size: 3-4)

(how everything fits together, what is needed: speaker + rack? + computer + pillow + mat + power + formation + lapinator + ???)

  • Ge
  • Diana
  • Baek


(once we decide on a prototype, how to transport everything as an ensemble? carts? what types of cases?)

  • Hayden

Large-scale speakers fabrication (target size: a lot)

(once we decide on a prototype, it will be time to mass produce)

  • Baek
  • Hayden
  • Diana
  • Chris


(someone might want to chronicle the adventures of this pre-laptop orchestra, audio, video, images, text? Brett? others?)

  • Diana
  • Steinunnn - signed up by Hayden. She likes to take pictures.
  • Dennis Hsiao - I would like to take vedio.

Other (suggestions?)

(artwork? naming? software? projection? please feel free to add other task categories)

  •  ?